So which updates will add the most value to your home when Selling?
  1. Updates that increase usable space. An extra bathroom, larger and/or upgraded kitchen, master bedroom suite, more closet space, conversion of unused space to a home office.
  2. Updates that will lighten and brighten your rooms. White or light color paint and floor coverings, light woods, skylights, larger windows, French doors.
  3. Updates that will increase privacy and security. Things like fencing and landscaping.
What are some common Fees associated with buying a home?
  1.             Appraisal Fee: This fee pays for the appraisal of the property. You may already have paid this fee at the beginning of your loan application process.
  2. Credit Report Fee: This fee covers the cost of the credit report requested by the lender. This too may already have been paid when you applied for your loan.
  3. Loan Origination Fee: This fee covers the lender's loan-processing costs. The fee is typically one percent of the total mortgage.
  4. Loan Discount: You will pay this one-time charge if you have chosen to pay points to lower your interest rate. Each point you purchase equals one percent of the total loan.
  5. Title Insurance Fees: These fees generally include costs for the title search, title examination, title insurance, document preparation, and other miscellaneous title fees.
  6. PMI Premium: If you buy a home with a low down payment, a lender usually requires that you pay a fee for mortgage insurance. This fee protects the lender against loss due to foreclosure. Once a new owner has 20 percent equity in their home, however, he or she can normally apply to eliminate this insurance.
  7. Prepaid Interest Fee: This fee covers the interest payment from the date you purchase the home to the date of your first mortgage payment. Generally, if you buy a home early in the month, the prepaid interest fee will be substantially higher than if you buy it towards the end of the month.
  8. Escrow Accounts: In locations where escrow accounts are common, a mortgage lender will usually start an account that holds funds for future annual property taxes and home insurance. At least one year advance plus two months’ worth of homeowner's insurance premium will be collected.
  9. Recording Fees and transfer taxes: This expense is charged by most states for recording the purchase documents and transferring ownership of the property.
What Happens When my Offer is accepted?
            Once your offer is accepted by the seller it starts the next phase of the transaction. You will be asked for a down payment, typically 1% of the purchase price, on the home you are purchasing which will be held with an attorney or settlement company and applied to the final purchase of your property. By the time this happens, you have come to an agreement with the seller on the closing date and the contingencies This period is usually 30 days and each item specified in the contract must be completed satisfactorily.
What is included in a contract?
Each contract is different, but most include the following four items:
  1. Inspection contingency: this should be completed as soon as possible after the contract is signed. If the results of the inspection are unsatisfactory you can negotiate repairs or cancel the contract.
  2. Financing contingency: Once the contract is signed, you have a period of time to secure funding. If you are unable to secure funding during the period of time granted to you by the contract (and the seller will not provide a written extension of time), you must decide whether you want to cancel the purchase. This is why being pre-approved before shopping for a property is so important!
  3. A requirement that the seller must provide a marketable title. The title must be "clear" to ensure that you do not have legal issues regarding your ownership. We can help you look into local and state ordinances regarding property transfer and make sure that you and/or the seller have complied with them.
  4. Secure homeowner's insurance. This is almost always required before you can close the sale. It best to apply for insurance as soon as possible after the contract is signed.
 How do I make an Offer?
Before the offer to purchase is created, you must be at least pre-qualified or, better yet, pre-approved by a lender, unless you are paying cash.
A pre-approval letter is one of the best negotiating tools a buyer can have. It shows the seller that you are financially able to purchase the home. After you have found the right home, it is time to prepare the offer.
Now, let’s break down exactly how the offer-making process works. Here are the steps:
  1. First, you’ll view a house and decide you want to make an offer.
  2. Our team will do an analysis of the property to help you decide what a solid offer on the property looks like.
  3. We will help you write an offer letter and send it to the seller.
  4. The seller will respond in one of three ways:
The seller accepts the offer. Everyone is happy and as soon as both sides sign the offer letter, you’re officially under contract and on your way to buying a house!
The seller makes a counteroffer. You can either accept this counteroffer, go back with another offer of your own, or walk away.
The seller declines the offer. You could then try to make a more appealing offer, if your budget allows, or move on to find another house.
How does your Marketing differ from others when Marketing my Home?
Let’s take a moment to talk about how we use both traditional and online strategies to promote your home to the largest group of qualified buyers.
  1. We use professional photography and shoot a video walkthrough. According to a recent report, 79 percent of homebuyers said they looked online to find the home they ended up purchasing. This is why having high-quality digital photos is an important part of the home selling process.
  2. We list your home on all the online portals. It’s important to get your home listed in as many places as possible, ensuring that a wide range of buyers see it. When we list your home on the local MLS it’s automatically syndicated to hundreds of websites; including Zillow,, HomeSnap, and Trulia.
  3. We create a single property website. Our team creates a website dedicated to your listing and your listing alone. We include an image gallery and video; either a 3D tour, drone video, or video walkthrough. Then, we use paid and organic advertising to push traffic back to the website.
  4. We pay to promote your property on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. When you list with us, you get access to our marketing services which include actively searching for buyers for your property using paid digital marketing channels.
  5. We write an appealing listing description. In addition to great photos, a well-written listing description that highlights the home features buyers love can give you a big boost in showings.
  6. We help you price your home to motivate buyers. Pricing a home correctly is both an art and a science, and finding that perfect price, one that will both sell quickly and put enough money in your pocket, is something that we can give you guidance on.
  7. We leverage promotional signage & open houses. Even with all the online tools at their disposal, today’s buyers still want to see your home in person. We provide yard signs, property flyers, and an open house strategy that attracts the largest group of qualified buyers.
What is my home worth and how to you determine that value?
When you hire us to list your property we provide you a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which is a compilation of recent sales from your area.
A Comparative Market Analysis takes into consideration the following factors.
  • The properties must be within ½ of a mile from your home.
  • Were listed within the last 6 months.
  • Are roughly the same age as your property.
  • ...and have square footage within 10 percent of yours. So, if your home is 1,500 square feet, you should look at homes between 1,350 and 1,650 square feet. 
What Should I do to prep my home for showings?
Real estate showings give potential buyers the opportunity to see and experience your home in person. According to a recent study, 79% of buyers said that taking a private tour was extremely or very important to their home-buying decision.
So, here are 10 tips for having a successful showing!
  1. Clean thoroughly: Steam the carpets, mop or vacuum hard floors, clean windows, polish appliances and give the bathrooms a serious scrubbing.
  2. Depersonalize and declutter: Room by room, remove little items that clutter up space and make rooms look smaller. Remove family photos and personalized decor, you want buyers to picture themselves living in the home, and they can’t do that with your family pictures on the wall.
  3. Rearrange furniture as needed: Remove furniture to make rooms seem bigger, and swap pieces in and out of different rooms to give each space an obvious purpose. For example, add a desk and chair to a bonus room to show it as a home office, or move a twin bed into an empty bedroom.
  4. Don’t forget the outside: Curb appeal helps your home make its first impression, and your to-do list will vary seasonally. Common tasks include planting flowers, pulling weeds, and mowing the lawn.
  5. Keep storage spaces tidy: Every buyer is looking for a home with plenty of storage, which means they’re going to be opening your closets, pantry, and garage doors.
  6. Highlight the best features: Identify the features that are most attractive about your home. If you have beautiful hardwood floors, remove the rug that’s covering them up. Love your stainless steel appliances? Don’t hide them behind refrigerator magnets.
  7. Secure your belongings: Lock away any valuables to avoid theft of expensive items or private information.
  8. Have a plan for pets and kids: Your showings are much more likely to go smoothly if family pets or young family members aren’t around.
  9. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature: If tours will be happening when you’re at work and you usually turn the heat off, keep it on so that buyers will be comfortable during their tour. The same goes for the summer, if you have a nice, cool house, buyers will be inclined to stay longer and enjoy the home.
  10. Provide refreshments: Make your home feel welcoming with snacks, candy, and desserts. Don’t forget to leave a garbage can in plain sight so visitors can clean up after themselves.
What is Commission and how does work?
  1. Commission is % of the final sales price.
  2. The commission earned is spilt between the Buyers and Sellers agents.
  3. Paid by the seller of the home
  4. We do not charge a Commission or any fees unless the home sells. Guaranteed! 
I do not live in the area, can I buy or sell my home 100% remotely?
  1. YES! 100%. We are experts with over 18 years experience working with buyers and sellers who are not here so as long as you have an email account you do NOT need to be here, everything is done electronically. We provide a FULL concierge service, explaining in detail how the process can work effectively, smoothly, safely from day 1 right through listing, contracts to closing and getting your money to you. We don’t think any question is silly, only the ones you do not ask. We are available by email, text, whatsapp, messenger and phone. We guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours. We have your back! Our service does not stop with the sale we will assist with those additional tasks that you would normally handle if you were here such as Handing keys over or final checking of the home. We make everything stress free.    
I wish I can give 10 stars but 5 stars is the limit. First of all they are the best in the business. They are a true professional at what they do. Highly recommend I will always work with Redman Realty 100% and would recommend to everyone as well.
Sal Aslan
We have recently sold our Florida villa. Gillian and Paul were fantastic to work with. We were kept completely informed if every step of the process. Any questions/ issues we had were responded to and sorted immediately. We were confident in every way that Gillian and Paul were doing a great job. We were particulary impressed with their marketing of our property. Our first buyers pulled out of the transaction and within a few days the Redmans had another. Gillian and Paul are lovely genuine people and we wholeheartedly recommend them if you arr planning to sell your property in Florida.
Ann Marie Lafferty
Gillian and team are fantastic. They are communicative, knowledgeable, and incredibly diligent. They were able to get us showings on short notice, patiently helped us write our offers, and counseled us through the entire home buying process. Their advice and insight on putting together an attractive offer proved correct - we got the house! We can't thank them enough. I can't imagine you'll find better realtors in the area.
My daughter recommended Paul and Gillian and I have met them through her social interaction with them. They are very amicable socially and have proven their professionalism in real estate through the three transactions they accomplished for me recently. They listed two of my properties for sale, got offers at or above the listing price, and closed within 30 days on one and 40 days on the other due to buyer financing issues. I then purchased a property using their buyer’s agent, Jennifer McCarty. The market in 34711 is quite over heated, and several properties that interested me went pending before I got a contract on them. I finally settled for one that nearly met my parameters and got it under contract. Just then, the initial property I was really interested in came back on the market. Jennifer rushed an offer on that property, negotiated a credit for the inspection failures that frightened the other buyer away, and I closed on it this week! We cancelled the contract on the other property that had the offer accepted
Loyal Sankey
When I recently had to list my home for sale following my divorce, I immediately reached out to the Redman Home Team. Gillian, Paul and Rebecca are absolutely brilliant in their field and they made a very stressful situation so much easier. There were some roadblocks along the way involving needed repairs, and Gillian helped me to seamlessly orchestrate each one and made a complicated process incredibly simple in reality. In the end, I was left with 5 offers to entertain, and I could not be happier with the outcome of the sale. As a single mother with an incredibly busy schedule, I cannot recommend the Redman Home Team enough. Throughout one of the most difficult events in my life thus far, Gillian, Paul, and Rebecca were there. They fought for me, handled challenging situations and people with grace and dignity, and kept me calm when I thought that wasn't even an option. The whole process seemed almost effortless in the end, and when I am ready to purchase my next home I couldn't think of a better team to have in my corner!! Thank you Redman Home Team, from the bottom of my heart!
Lisa DeMartino
When we decided to sell our house, we were completely new to the selling/listing process. I worked with Paul and then Nis also assisted during the process. Paul answered a lot of my questions about listing/selling. He also shared a video which detailed the steps of listing/selling process. It was very helpful. It's amazing that they sold our house within 2 weeks. Paul and Nis did a great job keeping us posted and communicating any changes in a timely and professional
Thank you Gillian Redman for all your help and most importantly, your expertise in the sale of our home. Not only were you very professional, but your due diligence and knowledge was a big help. Everything went the way it should. Definitely would recommend you to anyone looking to sell their home.
Natasha Myers is a great agent and was extremely helpful. She has a great work ethic, very thorough and a true professional. I highly recommend retaining Natasha as your agent.
I used the services of Paul & Gillian Redman and their team to sell my home as they had been recommended by a client of mine who had stayed in my villa on a holiday. I cannot recommend them enough from the word go they were so helpful and put me at ease as I was selling the property from the UK and had no idea on how the process worked in the USA. My home sold within the first week of showings and the whole process has taken just over a month! They have a fantastic lady called Nisreen working for them who guided me through the journey she is a definate asset to the company, very helpful, patient and professional, so if you have a property to sell rest assured you cannot beat the service this company offers.
ldawson bellmead
My daughter recommended Paul and Gillian and I have met them through her social interaction with them. They are very amicable socially and have proven their professionalism in real estate through the three transactions they accomplished for me recently. They listed two of my properties for sale, got offers at or above the listing price, and closed within 30 days on one and 40 days on the other due to buyer financing issues. I then purchased a property using their buyer’s agent, Jennifer McCarty. The market in 34711 is quite over heated, and several properties that interested me went pending before I got a contract on them. I finally settled for one that nearly met my parameters and got it under contract. Just then, the initial property I was really interested in came back on the market. Jennifer rushed an offer on that property, negotiated a credit for the inspection failures that frightened the other buyer away, and I closed on it this week! We cancelled the contract on the other property that had the offer accepted.
Loyal Sankey
Gillian Redman and her team have been wonderful to work with. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their property. We have worked with Gillian a few years ago and she was our first choice when we decided to move from Ireland and purchase a home in Florida. We had such a pleasant experience the first time that when it came to selling our home, we couldn't think of anyone better to represent us. They listed our home and in less than a week, they got us under contract and sold our home fast at top dollar. The transaction could not have gone smoother. We will definitely think of them again in the future for any of our real estate needs.
Gillian and her staff made the task of selling my home fast and painless. Quick to respond to all my questions thoroughly and professionally. I would highly recommend her services. Thanks again Gillian :)
I used Kristy Clayton and the Your Home Sold Realty Team to sell my home . An important deciding factor for me was the time and effort they would take to list and sell my home in the shortest time possible.. Well! They delivered my home SOLD in one day!! Gillian Redman , Kristy Clayton, and administrator Nis Hassan always kept me informed every step of the way. There professionalism and knowledge of the local market reassured me I made the right decision choosing them.
We recently sold our home in Ocoee all thanks to Jennifer and her team for making everything seamless. We heard about them through a friend who was happy about their service so we decided to choose them to represent us in the sale of our home. They listed our home and in less than 2 days got us under contract at the listed price. They have a great system in place - they kept track of all timelines for us and kept us up to date of every progress. We are very pleased with their services and would definitely recommend them to anyone who has any real estate needs!
"We recently sold our home in Kissimmee with the help of the Paul & Gillian Redman and their team. They are very knowledgeable of the market and they have a very unique and successful selling system. They did a good job in getting our property ready for listing - they took care of getting professional photos done, went even to advertise our home before it went officially for sale. In less than two weeks of being on the market, we already got multiple offers. They finally found the right buyer for us and got us under contract in no time. The whole team is very professional. They sent us progress updates and coordinated everything to make sure we met all the timelines. It was such a smooth process and we are happy to have found them and have them represent us. Excellent service. We highly recommend them to anyone out there looking to sell or buy."
c clapper1
The Redman Property Group was outstanding to work with. They were professional and innovative in trying to move the property. We had a couple of deals fall through due to some extenuating circumstances and they continued to push the property as hard as when they first started. Recommend to anyone.
It was such a pleasure working with Gillian Redman and her team on the sale of our home. Initially, we were quite unsure of the whole process as we are based in UK but glad to have had Gillian represent us as she knows the market very well. She answered all of our questions and explained to us the whole selling system in detail. They took care of getting professional photos done, advertising our home even before going on the market, and sent us weekly updates on the activity of the listing. In just 2 weeks we got the right offer and got under contract. They coordinated everything for us from onset of contract right up until closing and walked us through every step of the process. We closed on time and it was such a smooth and hassle-free closing. Thank you Redman Home Team for such a great real estate experience.
We purchased this property in 2015 with the help of Gillian Redman and her team back in 2015. We have kept in touch since then and have become good friends. We appreciated her knowledge and professionalism that were evident when we purchased the property. When it was time to sell, there was only one person we wanted to represent us. We reside in Pennsylvania but we knew we were in good hands as they have worked with a lot of out-of-town sellers. As soon as we had an agreement on the listing, they started advertising our home even before officially going on the market. They had professional photos prepared for the listing immediately. We were updated regularly on the activity of the listing. A short time later they found us the right buyer. From the start to the closing, they took care of every detail. With their help we were able to see our home with no fuss. Thanks, Gillian for everything!
We are based in Georgia and own a property in Reunion, Florida. When we decided it was time sell our second home, we started looking for a realtor who knew the market well in the area. We got in touch with Paul Redman and he showed us updated comparables and explained how their system works and how to get our property sold. We listed our home with them and they took care of all the marketing. They kept us updated on every activity of our listing. Finally, we got the best offer and soon were under contract. They coordinated with all parties and made sure everything progressed in a timely manner. There were a few challenges along the way but nothing that they were not prepared for. Very professional and always had our best interest. They arranged everything for us from the beginning of the contract right up to closing. We are pleased with their services and very happy to have them as our professional realtor. We highly recommend them to anyone out there looking to buy or sell.
We received a mail shot from the Redman Home Team and decided to give them a call to enquire about getting our property in Davenport sold. We spoke with Gillian Redman who impressed us during our initial call whilst detailing an impressive selling system. Gillian and her team took care of everything from preparing our home ready for listing, arranging for professional photos to be taken and even started marketing our property before it hit the open market. The Redman team sent us weekly updates on the activity of the listing on all of their platforms. Shortly after being on the market, they found the right buyer for us and got us under contract with no fuss. We are based in the UK but felt very involved throughout the process, as they kept us in the loop on every part of the deal. The Redman team are very knowledgeable of the buyng and selling process and were excellent in dealing with foreign sellers which made us feel at ease all the way throughout the process. It was a quick and smooth transaction in which I am extremely happy with their services and would definitely recommend them to anyone who's looking to sell or buy a home.
We are currently based in UK and owned a property in Davenport. When we decided to sell, we wanted to work with a realtor who had the best experience in dealing with foreign sellers. Our property manager referred us to Paul & Gillian Redman and very happy that he did. Paul called us and thoroughly explained their impressive selling system. We signed the paperwork and they did all the preparations from pre-listing marketing, getting professional photos, advertising in several online platforms and sending us weekly updates. Shortly after being on the market, we received a good offer and finally got under contract. We were selling our home all the way from UK but felt secured as they kept us in the loop on every progress of the transaction and always had our best interest as their clients. They virtually held our hand in every step of this deal - from listing our house, getting under contract, right up to closing. Very competent and professional and would highly recommend them."
We live in the United Kingdom and have previously worked with Gillian Redman ten years ago when we purchased our holiday home in Cumbrian Lakes, Kissimmee, Florida. We were delighted with the exceptional personal service that we received then to help us find and buy the home of our dreams. In fact, we have been good friends with her and her husband since then. So when we decided to sell our home in Kissimmee earlier this year, we couldn't think of anyone better to represent us. She immediately explained their current selling system and the paperwork was completed expeditiously. Everything required for the listing of our home was prepared and pre-listing advertising was carried out before going officially on the market. It was no surprise that within a couple of days we had a number of viewings and offers. Redman Home Team got us under contract in less than 5 days from being on the market and sold it above our listing price. The excellent service didn't end there as they made sure that we were updated regularly on progress of the sale. It was an efficient, fast and smooth transaction. We were very happy to have worked again with the Redman Home Team and would definitely highly recommend them to anyone out there looking to sell or buy homes.
"When we decided to sell our home in Groveland, we got in touch with an agent who referred us to one of the top selling realtors in the area, the Redman Home Team. We met with Paul Redman and he presented to us their unique selling system and how to get our home sold fast. They prepared everything from getting professional photos done, putting up for sale signs and marketing our home in several online platforms. They sent us weekly updates on the listing activity. Shortly after going on the market, we got an offer and went under contract. They kept track of every progress making sure that everyone met the contract's timelines and kept us updated all throughout the transaction. It was a very smooth one indeed. We are very happy with their services and we will definitely work with them again once we are ready to buy our new home."
We bought this lovely home back in 2010 and had Gillian Redman as our realtor then. So when we thought it was time to sell it, we couldn't think of anyone better to represent us so once again we reached out to Gillian to seek her professional advice. We know she she has been in the business for over 13 years, she knew the market pretty well and she has dealt with foreign sellers like us before too so we were quite confident with her. She advised the best price our home would sell for, she instructed us on how to get it ready for listing, got professional photos done, got our property listed on the market, and within 3 days we we were getting a lot of offers and shortly after that got us under contract. The service did not end there, they made sure we were aware of every progress of the sale and were always available to answer any of our questions or concerns. It was indeed a great and smooth experience. We would definitely recommend the Redman Home Team to anyone out there looking to buy or sell.
d parker10
My son advised me to go with the Redman Team. Services provided during the contract were very professionally and explained to me in layman's terms . The team went above and beyond, including personal visits, to help explain certain parts of the contract. One of the only challenges was when the closing was delayed due to the buyers apparent, insufficient closing funds. I personally recommend the Redman Team when selling a home. The entire process was a very pleasant experience that was completed in a timely manner.
Natasha is INCREDIBLE. She managed to get me into my dream home in about 9 weeks from showing to closing. In addition, she made it to where I got it under value, closing costs covered AND a major renovation covered (plumbing entirely replaced). She will work tirelessly for you and won’t stop until you are satisfied. She is a true representative of the client’s best interests, I was so lucky to get someone like her.
Rebecca Redman-Hamaoui was such a delight to work with! She and her team almost made our home purchase too simple in that they were always proactive, ready with advice/input along the way, knew best how to keep our purchase transaction on schedule. Rebecca has also provided continuous follow-up after our move-in, proving that service after the sale makes an impact!
"I had a great experience working with Holly Hernandez of the Redman Property Group in my recent home purchase. I had been looking for a particular vacation home in Central Florida and Holly found us the perfect townhouse located in Regal Oaks. She was very knowledgeable of the area, answered all of my questions and also did all the negotiating for me. There were a some personal challenges along the way as we had to go in and out of contract due to some unforeseen issues that were obstacles with my previous mortgage company, however thankfully Holly and her team at Redman were prepared for these types of issues and were able to recommend an even better lender who got us through the deal promptly with no hassle at all. I can honestly say that she really went above and beyond to help close on this transaction. I'm am very happy with the Redman Property Group and their services and most certainly would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy in Central Florida. " Robert J. McCoy
"Last year, we were looking to move to Central Florida so we started browsing through some properties in Zillow when we stumbled upon the Redman Home Team. Immediately, one of their specialist got in touch with us and presented us their services and took down what exactly we were looking for. We flew in and one of their agents showed us beautiful properties in the area. We got under contract but for reasons that are out of our control, we had to cancel and decided to wait a few more months to resume again with our house hunting. The Redman Home Team kept in touch us and regularly sent us property alerts until finally we were ready to sell our house in Philadelphia and start our plan again in moving back to Florida. Holly, one of their agents sent us properties that perfectly matched out buying criteria. We fell in love with this house in Highlands Reserve and decided to make an offer. Finally, they got us under contract and even negotiated further a free one-year home warranty for us. The deal couldn't have gone smoother. They have a great system in place, made sure every critical timeline was met and updated us on every progress of the purchase. We successfully closed on our new home hassle-free. We are very pleased to have had the Redman Home Team represent us and we highly recommend them to anyone out there looking to buy."
We are based in New Jersey and were looking for a good property in Central Florida. We wanted to work with an agent who is experienced and knows the market very well. Luckily, Gillian Redman contacted us and we were impressed as she presented us their unique buying system. The whole approach was very straight to the point and transparent in setting our expectations. She sent us properties that were an exact fit to what we were looking for and recommended a good lender who got us pre-approved in no time. We finally found the perfect property in Regal Oaks, put an offer in and got under contract. It was a smooth transaction indeed. The Redman Home Team has a great support and they guided us in every step of the deal and made sure everything was ready before we flew in for closing. We closed on the property as scheduled and hassle-free. Very glad to have had Gillian represent us and would highly recommend them to anyone out there looking to buy or sell.
"I am an out of town buyer and was looking around in Central Florida for a short term rental investment when the Redman Home Team reached out to me. They offered their services, took note of exactly what I was looking for and set me up to meet one of their specialists. I met with Jennifer and she showed me properties that exactly met my buying criteria. She continuously kept in touch with me and sent me other properties I may love. When I finally found the right property, Jennifer advised the best winning offer, and got it accepted at a good deal -$3,900 less than the listing price with free home warranty. The whole team assisted me all throughout the transaction. They made sure we met all the timelines on the contract and kept me up to date on every progress. Happy to have them represent me on my purchase and would highly recommend them."
Adriana Porter
My husband and I decided it was the right time to buy our first home and contacted Redman Home Team for assistance with our search. We were contacted by Holly Hernandez who introduced herself as our agent. Holly walked us through every step of the process to buying our dream home. She was professional, knowledgeable and always a phone call or text away! We found the perfect home and Holly negotiated the price for us . The closing process was a breeze and we were able to close in a few weeks. We are so satisfied with the support and services received from Holly and her team. Will definitely recommend their services to family and friends!
When we found this home listed on the market, we immediately fell in love with it but the agent we contacted initially couldn't find the time to show us the home so we decided to reach out to the Redman Home Team directly as they were selling the house. Very glad that we did as they were very accommodating and helpful in every way. We were in a multiple bid situation and they advised us to give the best winning offer for the sellers and in no time, we were under contract. They are very transparent and kept us updated throughout the deal, and were always available for any questions that we had. They assisted us in every phase of the contract from escrow, inspection, right up to arranging the closing. It was a very smooth transaction. Glad to have Paul & Gillian Redman as our professional Realtor.
Holly is Great!!! She knows a lot about the market and the area. She is always willing to help and answer any question. She helped us thru the entire process of buying our first vacation home in Florida. We will work with her in the near future again!
We were based in Fort Lauderdale and had decided to move to Central Florida so my wife and I started browsing for homes in Zillow when we came across the Redman Home Team. They meticulously took notes of what exactly we were looking for. They presented to us their services and glad we entrusted this whole process with them. They sent us homes that were ideal for us and referred us to a very good lender to get us pre-approved. Shortly after that, we were making offer and finally got under contract. They assisted us in every way and kept us updated all throughout the transaction. Now we have closed on our dream home and we couldn't be happier. RHT provides great services, we highly recommend them."
oral stone6
"We were referred to Kristy Clayton of the Redman Home Team when we decided to purchase our home. She showed us homes that matched our buying criteria and did all the negotiations. Shortly after advising us the best offer to make, we were under contract. Kristy and her team made sure we were updated all through out the transaction. They communicated with all parties to make the deal as smooth as possible. There were hurdles and challenges along the way but our realtor always had our best interest and guided us in every way. Finally, we recently closed on the home we wanted and we are very happy with the services Redman Home Team has provided us. We highly recommend them to everyone out there who are looking to move."
Amanda Tilley
We were referred to Gillian Redman by our realtor in San Diego as we were looking to relocate to Florida. So glad to have met Gillian as she knew the market very well. She regularly touched based with us and sent us properties that matched our buying criteria. She made sure the timing was right as our home in CA was getting sold fast. She found the perfect property in Debary for us, advised us the best winning offer, shortly after that we were under contract. It was a very smooth transaction. They kept us updated all through out the deal, coordinated with all parties to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible and indeed it was a successful closing. We are very happy with their services!
Dylan Wiley
Living overseas so far away with so much to think about on the buying process , and so many uncertainties. Holly made it easy for us . She is very passionate on what she does, and she master it. For about 10 months back and forth we kept in touch and Holly with and impressive knowledge of all aspects and details about the whole process and her exceptional feedback , referring to an amazing and supporting team made our dream home come true. We closed the deal in a very short period of time and everything went as smooth as silk. We could not be luckier to have Holly as our agent Holly exceeded by far all my expectations and she went the extra mile for us. I highly recommend her and absolutely trust on her.
marcelo soares randaob
From the time Julie took over as my agent she went above and beyond. She made multiple trips to the house every time I wanted to look at something else. She was available anytime I had questions. Julie was with me from beginning to end to make sure that everything went smooth in my purchase. After I closed she met me at the house to surprise my kids. If you are lucky enough to have Julie with you in your home purchase you will be in great hands.
We previously listed our home with another agent and were on the market for over 5 months but sadly did not sell our house. Around February, we decided to re-list but wanted to make sure we found the right agent for us. Luckily we got in touch with the Redman Home Team. They came and made the presentation and showed us their unique selling system. Paul & Gillian are very knowledgeable of the market and set the right price for our home. After only 20 days on the market, we got an offer at full asking price and in no time got us under contract. Being first time sellers, we were clueless on the process. They kept us updated all throughout the transaction, very transparent with every progress of the sale. A great team and easy to work with - we definitely recommend them to anyone who are looking to buy or sell their home
We are from Illinois and had been vacationing in Florida every year since 1987. We always joked we would retire here but never really thought it would happen. We had several years to retirement. We always stayed close to or on Disney property. At last we had the opportunity to do just that. We then met with Kay. She took us on as her clients. She suggested that we look at new homes or build one in the up and coming Bridgeford Crossing Community after having looked at several other homes. At that time, there were several homes already built but quite a few empty lots. We loved the idea of building and with great anxiety we went ahead with our plans. She was very thorough in explaining how all the transactions would be handled since this was new to us and there were no surprises at all. We were in Illinois during the time our house was being built. The home building process took about 6 months to complete. Kay would send us pictures of the progress and call us weekly to let us know of any updates. We were extremely pleased that she was so professional and knowledgeable about all the steps from signing the contract to the closing. We could not have had a better relator and are very pleased with all she did for us. Being as this was our first home we have had built, we were a little scared at the prospect. Kay reassured us that everything would be fine and true to her word everything went very smoothly. With great enthusiasm we moved into our new home. We cannot thank Kay enough for all she did for us to make our dreams come true! John and Wanda Hadden
We contacted Redman Home Team from a listing that they had in Davenport. We were taking a trip down to Orlando that included a few days to look for a home. Once we had a few discussions we were handed off to Danny Sanchez. We spent one afternoon looking at specific houses that we had found online, and another day looking at houses that he recommended based on our earlier conversations as well as seeing our suggestions. We made an offer that was not accepted and we went home. We continued to look from home, and Danny did too. We asked Danny to go to an open house on our behalf, and a few days later we had it under contract. Danny was extremely helpful, and had we not had a good relationship with him we would not have been able to move on the house so quickly. The Redman Home Team served us well through the entire transaction, and I would definitely recommend Danny as an agent.
Joe Steele
I've dealt with many realtors professionally and personally, but Julie was the best. She is personable, attractive, articulate, well-informed, professional, honest, meticulous and a great listener, but above all she bargains with guts and good sense. She is a born negotiator. Whether you are buyer or seller, you really want Julie on your side.
Julie is the hardest working Realtor I have ever met. She was extremely helpful, and helped us purchase our forever home. Any questions or concerns were addressed promptly. I have already sent two friends her way and they now are homeowners. Julie is the best.
Julie helped me buy my first property in Orlando. Her experience, knowledge and guidance was totally invaluable. Very responsive and thoughtful. Guided me through what was a rather alien process resulting in a securing the property quickly and at a great price. Thank you Julie!
kevin carroll10

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