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Spend Your Time Selling Homes Vs. Finding Clients If you want massive success in your real estate career !


3 Things Separate Redman Group Agents

At Redman Group Brokered by Real Brokerage, LLC we strive to exceed expectations by breaking barriers and changing the game. 


1. Gillian Redman is YOUR Personal Success Coach


2. Majority of Your Expenses, Leads & Staff Covered


3. Team of Staff to Support You: Family Culture

Gillian Redman Is Your Personal Success Coach


The Redman's Coach you 1-on-1 Each Week

Gillian and Paul Will teach you how they rose to be in the top 3% of all Orlando Region Agents with over 30 Million Sold. They will work with you individually to help you become a top agent & advises how to leverage assistants to grow your business


Gillian Redman Is Your Accountability Coach

Every elite performer has a coach holding them accountable and Gillian Redman helps you do what it takes to achieve your best results


Senior Agent Mentor Program

 Each Agent will be match with a top agent to be their mentor. This agent watches you make calls and shadows you on appointments and gives you feedback. 


On-Going Weekly Sales Training

 Gillian and Paul Redman train the team each week on Wednesday at 10 am on topics to keep you sharp with buyers and sellers. 

Close the deal!

Gillian Redman Is in the top .01% of agents in the Orlando region, and she is looking to be YOUR personal mentor


Marketing Support

Marketing is the #1 activity to an Agents business. Redman Group offers unparalleled marketing support & tools to help top producers grow their business, from postcards to full implementation of our listing domination system. 


Redman Group leadership is the #1 Priority for our agents. We invest & pour into our people. We are always available to support, guide, and problem solve. 


It is Imperative to stay current & relevant. At Redman Group, our Agents understand the value of securing specialized training & industry designations, which makes them the best of the best. many specialized designations include: vacation homes, negotiating, working with seniors, investors, Veterans, etc   

Administrative support

 Redman Group's entire Administrative Staff provides unparalleled support to allow you to work smarter not harder. 

Lead Generation

At the heart of Redman Group is our proprietary lead generation system, generating hundreds of buyers and sellers leads each month. 

Brand Awareness

With a strong market presence and one of the highest average sales volume per Agent, Redman Group brand continues to be one of the fastest growing brands in the real estate market.  


Working in a positive environment & having fun amongst peers is a must for growth & success. at Redman Group, we strongly believe that maintaining a positive culture results in higher production. our Agents have positive attitudes and are always willing to share. Work with Agents & staff that will help elevate your business.

Mastermind Groups

Peer connection is extremely important for continued growth and success. Redman Group on-going Mastermind Groups allow Agents to openly share ideas, brainstorm and discuss market challengers. We believe in being a company of abundance NOT scarcity  

Client Data Management Tools

We offer an easy to use CRM tool that allows you to easily organize client data, automate on-going communications based on client behavior, syndicate new & off market listings, etc 

Coaching / Accountability

As a certified international real estate coach, Gillian Redman coaches top producing Agents and Brokers worldwide to increase their GCI year over year

(23% vs average of 8%) 

Majority of Your Expenses, Leads & Staff Paid for YOU

Membership Benefits

Your staff, leads, signs, sign riders, lock-boxes, copies, business cards, postage, thank you notes, flyers, presentations, folders, CMA binding, database software, paperless closing software, open house signs, Exclusive Personal Development Mentorship program to include Grant Cardone University Training System YHSGR Virtual Learning Platform and The Redman's Virtual Learning Platform. 

Your Leads are Emailed Daily

We Generate HUNDREDS of leads per month & they are emailed to our agents daily

How Much Should You Expect To Earn

 First year agents can earn $40,000+, and in their second year earn $70,000+, and a SIX figure income in year 3 as your pipeline of current and past clients grow you are picking and choosing who you want to work with.