Your Homeownership Journey Begins: What's Next After the Purchase?

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Congratulations on securing your new home and achieving the American dream! As a new homeowner, the excitement of personalizing your space may be tempting, but before reaching for that sledgehammer, consider a few practical steps to ensure a smooth transition into homeownership.

1. Connect with Neighbors: Beyond borrowing a cup of sugar, your neighbors can provide valuable local insights. Establishing a friendly relationship can offer assistance in emergencies, recommendations for services, and a sense of community. Plus, who doesn't appreciate an invitation to a backyard barbecue?

2. Navigate Local Regulations: Before making exterior changes, be aware of local regulations, including those from homeowners associations, municipalities, or historic designations. Familiarize yourself with Homeowners Association (HOA) covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) to avoid potential fines.

3. Acquire Essential Tools: While shopping for home décor is enjoyable, don't overlook the practical necessities like shovels, rakes, and a tool kit. These "boring" items prove invaluable for home maintenance tasks, ensuring you're prepared for various situations.

4. Assess DIY Realities: Be realistic about your DIY capabilities. While fixing a clogged drain might be manageable, complex tasks like rewiring demand professional expertise. Start small with DIY projects, gradually expanding your skills over time.

5. Assemble a Professional Team: Expect unforeseen issues as a homeowner and build a roster of professionals, including handypersons, electricians, plumbers, roofers, and more. Having a reliable team in place beforehand ensures a swift response in emergencies.

6. Budget for Maintenance: Prepare for inevitable home repairs and maintenance by setting aside 1% to 4% of your home's value annually. Consider allocating even more for unforeseen expenses. Planning for regular upkeep helps avoid financial surprises down the road.

Embark on your homeownership journey with these practical steps, setting the stage for a fulfilling and stress-free experience. Welcome to the world of homeownership!



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