Unlocking Homeownership: Expert Tips to Transition from Renting to Owning

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Achieving the dream of homeownership is more feasible than you might think, with various pathways to enter the market. Homebuyers Centre General Manager Simon Birkhead emphasizes the importance of exploring options to escape the cycle of renting.

With more affordable property options and a rising housing market, now is the time for potential buyers to make their move.

Homebuyers Centre, committed to assisting first-home buyers since 1991, provides expert tips for a smooth transition from renting to homeownership:

  1. Discover Your Options: Seek guidance from experienced professionals like Homebuyers Centre to explore financing, land, and home options, tailoring the process to your needs.

  2. Set a Budget for Savings: Create and stick to a budget, considering services like My Home Plan by Resolve Finance for personalized home savings plans and expert support.

  3. Get a True Sense of Your Situation: Consult with a Resolve Finance mortgage broker to understand your borrowing power, explore government grants, and make informed decisions.

  4. Find Financial Incentives and Packages: Consider house and land packages, which simplify the process, and explore government schemes like the First Home Guarantee, Family Home Guarantee, and Regional Home Guarantee for potential low deposit options.

  5. Do Your Homework: Research top home builders, follow social accounts, read testimonials, and check independent review sites to plan your homeownership goals effectively.

The journey to homeownership is within reach, and with the right guidance, you can turn the dream into reality."


Source: RealEstate.com

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