Tips for a secure summer vacation

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As the summer vacations commence, the thrill of exploring new places and taking a break from the daily routine becomes the focal point. However, amidst the excitement, it is crucial not to overlook the security of your home. David Kirst, a senior insurance specialist at AAA, provides some essential guidelines to ensure the safety of your property while you embark on your well-deserved getaway.

In the age of social media dominance, sharing vacation plans has become instinctive. Nonetheless, Kirst advises against this seemingly harmless act. Criminals are increasingly monitoring such posts, seizing the opportunity to target homes left unattended. By refraining from broadcasting your vacation plans online, you can avoid unintentionally signaling an invitation to burglars.

"Refraining from posting about your vacation plans on social media is one of the most important steps," Kirst advised. "Criminals often keep an eye on such posts, which can inadvertently indicate that your home will be vacant."

Securing your home before you leave is a fundamental measure in safeguarding your property. Kirst emphasizes the importance of thoroughly checking all doors and windows to ensure they are securely locked. This simple yet effective action significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, providing peace of mind during your absence.

"Always make sure everything is securely locked," he advised. "Double-check that all doors and windows are properly locked before you depart."

An unoccupied home can be an appealing target for burglars. To counter this vulnerability, Kirst suggests employing strategies that give the impression that your house is occupied. Parking a car in the driveway, using timers to control lights, and enlisting the assistance of a trusted neighbor to collect mail can all be effective methods to create the illusion of occupancy.

In today's era of advanced technology, home security systems have become invaluable assets for protecting your property. Insurance companies now offer discounts for homes equipped with alarm systems, including self-monitored options like doorbell cameras. These systems not only provide an additional layer of security but also act as deterrents against break-ins.

"Insurance companies now offer additional discounts even for self-monitored systems," Kirst mentioned. "Even a doorbell camera can qualify for an insurance discount while also deterring break-ins."

For those choosing vacation rentals, exercising caution and prioritizing safety is crucial. Kirst advises familiarizing yourself with the property and ensuring that all doors and windows are properly secured. Even in temporary accommodations, taking necessary precautions can help protect your belongings and provide peace of mind throughout your stay.



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