The Absence of Sunshine in Florida, the 'Sunshine State

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In Florida, waking up to sunshine is the norm, with an average of 230 to 250 sunny days annually, second only to Arizona. However, 2024 in Southwest Florida has been marked by more "cloudy" and "partly cloudy" days than the typical "sunny" or "mostly sunny" ones.

The National Weather Service in Miami attributes this shift to an El Niño weather pattern affecting the region. Despite the absence of hard evidence, the data from January 10 reveals a gloomier outlook, with only one clear day, six partly cloudy days, and three cloudy days in the Naples area. This translates to approximately 40-45% of the time under clear skies and 25-28% under overcast/cloudy skies for January.

While Floridians may miss the sun, the unusual weather aligns with forecasts of a wetter winter due to the El Niño pattern, causing a series of low-pressure systems and frequent cloudy days. The hope is, as Little Orphan Annie would say, "the sun will come out tomorrow," or perhaps on Saturday or Sunday.


Source: Naples Daily News

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