SOLD - 6725 Scimitar Ave, Orlando, FL 32812


6725 Scimitar Ave, Orlando, FL 32812

"Paresh came to us through our marketing to absentee owners looking for an agent to help him sell his Florida home , which he was not sure he really wanted to sell as he loves Florida , but the house was now too big for him and his wife. Conversations went on between Paul & Paresh for 2 years and a connection / friendship flourished so once he was ready to sell then Paul was the only person he would select to sell the house. We helped him prepare the home and advised and this resulted in a very fast sale , over asking price and a quick closing , a hassle free transaction which is what we guaranteed him. He will be back later in the year and we will start the journey of finding somewhere smaller to enjoy with little maintenance."
❤️Love Your Home GUARANTEED or We'll Buy It Back!!*⠀
*conditions apply
Thinking of buying?? For free consultation and access to off-market properties, contact us now at 407 552 5281.☎️
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