Protect Your Possessions Ahead of Severe Weather

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Knowing the contents of your home before facing severe weather can significantly impact your ability to recover smoothly. Housing experts emphasize the importance of having the right insurance coverage and being prepared to file claims efficiently. Here are some key steps to take when taking inventory of your belongings:

  1. Go room by room: Start with smaller spaces like closets or storage areas and then move on to larger rooms. This approach helps prevent feeling overwhelmed and ensures thoroughness.

  2. Keep detailed records: Maintain important paperwork such as contracts, appraisals, and receipts. Note down serial numbers for high-value items and store this information securely.

  3. Utilize digital tools: Take photos and videos of all your possessions and store them digitally. Consider using apps designed for inventory management to streamline this process and ensure backups of digital files.

  4. Regularly update your inventory: Remove items that are no longer in your home and add newly acquired items. This ongoing maintenance ensures your inventory remains accurate and up to date.

  5. Include off-site items: Don't forget to account for belongings stored outside your home, such as those in storage units. Many homeowners insurance policies cover items stored off-site, so including them in your inventory is crucial.

By following these steps, homeowners can be better prepared for potential losses due to severe weather events


Source: WBTV

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