Planning a Timeless New Build: Follow These Tips for Success!

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A substantial 30% of homes on the market in Q3 were new constructions, marking a record for any third quarter. If you're planning a new build or saving for a down payment, here are tips for creating a timeless home:

  1. Consider Your Stay Duration:

    • For shorter stays, opt for traditional fixtures for better resale value.
    • For long-term living, choose elements that reflect your style without worrying about future resale.
  2. Align Design Choices with Home Style:

    • Ensure consistency in design elements like kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, and staircases with your home's overall style to maintain cohesiveness.
  3. Personalize Decor and Furniture, Not Fixed Elements:

    • Inject personality into areas like paint color, decor, furniture, wallpaper, and lighting, leaving fixed elements neutral for long-lasting appeal.
  4. Opt for Neutral Floors:

    • Choose wood flooring with a medium brown tone or a pale neutral for a timeless look.
    • Select carpet in neutral tones to accommodate changing decor preferences.
  5. Choose Timeless Cabinets:

    • White cabinets are a classic choice, providing a clean and neutral backdrop for changing decor.
    • Avoid trendy colors; opt for enduring choices to ensure long-term satisfaction.
  6. Consider Countertop Longevity:

    • Choose neutral countertops that serve as a backdrop for changing tastes and decor over the years.
  7. Select Plumbing Hardware Wisely:

    • Timeless options for plumbing hardware include chrome, polished nickel, and brass, ensuring coordination throughout.
    • Introduce other metals with cabinet hardware, lights, and mirrors.
  8. Opt for Timeless Backsplash:

    • A subway tile backsplash is a timeless choice that never goes out of style.
    • Avoid heavily patterned or busy tiles for a classic look that endures.

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Source: Howard Hanna

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