Guard Your Home: Expert Tips to Keep Rats Away this Winter

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Rats and rodents infiltrating our living spaces can be a concern, especially during cold winter months. Homeowners are being cautioned by gardening experts to take preventive measures against rats seeking warmth. Instances of 'super rats' in Bolton, causing fear and hindering outdoor activities, highlight the urgency of addressing this issue.

What are super rats?

Contrary to the assumption of size, 'super rats' are immune to conventional poisons used in the UK, making them a formidable challenge for pest control.

Tips to Rat-Proof Your Garden:

  1. Clear Away Debris: Dispose of garden waste, rubbish, and debris, as these provide ideal nesting spots for rats.

  2. Cover Gaps and Holes: Seal any gaps or holes in your garden, even the smallest ones in sheds and plant pots, to prevent rat entry.

  3. Use Garlic Powder: Rats dislike strong scents like garlic powder or peppermint oil. Sprinkle these in vulnerable areas to deter them.

  4. Cover Drains: Ensure all drains and grates are covered and intact. Replace damaged ones and inspect potential entry points around your home.

  5. Limit Water Sources: Eliminate water sources in your garden, such as dripping taps or blocked drains, as rats need water to establish a new home.

  6. Maintain Moist Compost Heaps: Keep compost heaps moist to avoid attracting rats seeking a warm dwelling.

  7. Clean Around Bird Tables: Bird tables can attract rats due to spilled seeds. Check and clean around bird tables, especially in the late afternoon.

Expert Advice:

Chris Bonnett, gardening expert and founder of GardeningExpress, emphasizes the significance of preparing for the expected cold snap in January. He suggests that rats, fleeing their usual habitats, might attempt to enter homes or view gardens as suitable nesting places. Maintaining a debris-free environment and addressing potential food sources can effectively keep rats at bay.

Protect your home and garden from unwanted rodent guests with these practical tips, ensuring a cozy and rat-free winter season.


Source: Yahoo! News

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