Experts Offer Design and Renovation Tips for Speedy Home Sales

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As Philadelphia's baby boomers downsize, their larger family homes linger on the market. However, sellers can ensure a quick sale with some strategic planning.

"Different houses require different approaches," says Christina Henck, founder of Henck Design. "Consider the home's age and style before making changes." Gutting the kitchen isn't always necessary; instead, opt for clean white quartz or Carrara marble countertops, advises Jeff Frederick of Giappo Design + Build. A matching backsplash, like subway tile, can complement the space.

To enhance appeal at no cost, Eddie Ross suggests stripping down spaces by removing curtains, carpets, and accents. Michelle Gage advises sellers to plan the floor layout to showcase space efficiently. Addressing lingering issues, such as leaks or paint touch-ups, is crucial, adds Gage.

Denise Sabia of Harth Builders recommends focusing on structural updates like roof replacement or HVAC system upgrades, as they improve property value. Curb appeal matters; Ross suggests removing excessive shrubbery and repainting the front door in a neutral hue. Pressure-washing the exterior enhances the home's appeal, according to Henck and Sabia.

"Simplify your home to maximize returns," says Ross. "Invest wisely to increase your offer."


Source: Philly Mag

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