A Sweet Surprise for a First-Time Homeowner: Thoughtful Notes from Previous Owners

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Recently, Anna Benson, a proud new homeowner in Minnesota, experienced an unexpected and heartwarming gesture from the previous owners of her home.

Anna Benson recently bought her first home in Minnesota, and while it takes most people quite a while to really get a feel for a new house, Benson is several steps ahead thanks to the sellers sharing some tips with her.

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On April 25, she shared on TikTok some of the notes left around the house from its previous owners, each offering valuable advice for the new homeowner.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed in April that the number of homes for sale in the US has risen by more than 10 percent compared to this time last year. In March, 477,000 new homes were available for sale, a whopping 44,000 more than in March last year.

In Benson's video, which has been viewed over 766,000 times since being posted to her account @theannabshow, she shows off some of the notes which range in advice from how to use the ice maker to suggestions on how to use extra space.

One note, found on pieces of wood, reads: "These planks are useful when a person needs to be on the metal screen porch roof. They distribute a person's weight across a large area."

Other notes were left on multiple pots of leftover paint, advising which one is used on the garage doors, which is for the fence, which is used on the bathroom walls and which is used on the kitchen ceiling.

Such insider knowledge usually only comes after years of living in a particular property, so the advice proved incredibly valuable for Benson.

She praised the "love notes from our sellers" while sharing the video.

Speaking to Newsweek, the senior marketing strategist said that she and her boyfriend had been searching for their first home together in the "challenging and competitive" market when the stars finally aligned.

Two of Benson's family members working at a Veterans' Day event "got chatting with a wonderful couple and somehow it came up that they were hoping to sell their house," Benson said.

"Shortly after we set a date to look at the house and we loved it instantly. When we toured it for the first time we admired the character and charm in the home. The natural light, built-ins, storage, hardwood floors, and the location was a no-brainer."

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The couple closed on their first home in February, and since then have been "making it feel like our own but keeping a lot of the character," she said.

And the notes left behind by the previous owners have helped them do that.

"The notes really are so sweet and have been useful," she said.

"With an older home, it comes with quirks," she admitted, praising the "special" and "incredible" sellers.

There were other notes not shared in Benson's viral TikTok: "One is about the arborist they have for the birch tree in our front yard while others about the roof and the heating system," she said.

Benson and her partner have stayed in touch with the sellers, and "even went out to dinner with them the evening before we closed on our home. They are the sweetest couple ever! We got so lucky."

Thousands of TikTok users shared their love for the video and the gesture. Benson said she had never expected the video to go viral.

TikTok users loved the gesture, flocking to the comments in the hundreds to share their thoughts on the thoughtful move from the house's previous owners.

"It's giving helpful dad vibes and I love it," one user wrote, with another saying, "The best gift is the matching paint with labels!"

"This is so nice of them to do," another person said.

"You know that house was taken care of," a TikToker wrote.

Others shared their own stories, with one user revealing: "We left notes like this when we sold our house and I was scared to look in the comments, but I'm so glad ppl actually like it and aren't calling it crazy."

To which Benson assured her: "I love the notes! They are so helpful."

She told Newsweek: "I wasn't expecting everyone to love the TikTok and posted on a whim while I was traveling for fun. The reaction and comments have been extremely heartfelt and make me feel so lucky to have had the experience I did when buying my first home.

"When I first moved in to my house, my best friend was helping me move in and told me to actually make a TikTok of these notes because they are simple, incredible and so heartfelt, and that people would go crazy for it. She was right, people loved it."

Benson also shared some advice for anyone thinking of selling their home: "Start documenting."

"Make a binder or spreadsheet. It comes in handy, and the buyers will be extremely grateful."


Source: Newsweek

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