7 Tips for Throwing a Housewarming Party for Your Apartment

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Found your dream apartment, got approved, and moved in? Time to celebrate with a housewarming party! Here are tips to ensure it's a success:

  1. Consider your apartment's size: Plan according to available seating and space. If you have a large group, consider multiple parties or different time ranges on the same day.

  2. Create an invitation list: Send out invites in advance using sites like Evite.com or Facebook Events for easy RSVPs and headcount.

  3. Pick a theme: Adding a theme can make it fun. Encourage attendees to dress or bring gifts based on the theme, like a "game night" with various games or signature cocktails based on your new neighborhood.

  4. Make a party playlist: Set the mood with your favorite songs that reflect your new home's personality.

  5. Stock up on snacks and supplies: Check for dietary restrictions and opt for finger foods like chips, fruits, and desserts. Don't forget essential supplies like water bottles, cups, cutlery, napkins, hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.

  6. Plan activities: Keep the good vibes going with board games, card games, or a virtual scavenger hunt like the Realtor.com® Great Rental Search Party.

  7. Set an end time: Have a flexible end time to wrap up the party smoothly, but it's okay to keep it going if everyone's having a blast!

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