6 Expert Tips for Remodeling Your Home (While Living in It)

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Imagine if you could both welcome your home renovation and bid farewell to the disruption of living in your house simultaneously. This would enable you to escape the chaos of construction while your space undergoes a transformation.

However, for most of us, balancing mortgage payments and long-term rentals is financially unfeasible. As a result, we find ourselves struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy (and sanity) while residing in a home during renovations.

So, whether you've just moved into a fixer-upper or are tackling a long list of renovation projects, we've compiled expert advice to help you endure a renovation while living in your home. Here are six valuable insights to remember:

  1. Establish a Timeline When planning a renovation, start by setting both a start and end date. While these dates are likely to shift, having a general timeline in place will aid in tracking progress and financial/logistical planning.

  2. Divide Complex Tasks Before the renovation kicks off, break down major tasks into smaller, manageable steps. Prioritize these steps and ensure they align with your project's goals.

  3. Prepare Your Space Minimize the impact of renovation on your daily life by taking necessary precautions. Cover furniture, seal off areas, and invest in protective barriers to contain the mess. Communication with contractors is key.

  4. Strategize the Work Plan when and how the renovation work will occur to minimize disruption. Schedule noisy tasks during less intrusive times, considering your routine and major events.

  5. Prioritize Safety Don't neglect your well-being during the project. Wear protective gear, keep hazardous materials away from pets and children, and invest in air purifiers for better indoor air quality.

  6. Arrange Accommodations If your project involves strong odors or chemicals, consider staying elsewhere temporarily. Plan ahead by arranging to stay with friends, family, or in a hotel with flexible cancellation policies.

Embracing these insights can help you navigate a live-in renovation with greater ease and fewer disruptions.


Source: Realtor.com

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