5 Tips to Declutter a Home Office

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Research indicates that the level of messiness in your environment directly correlates with the ease of distraction caused by the abundance of visual stimuli present.

The work-from-home team at Wirecutter has dedicated countless hours to testing various methods for effectively organizing your home office. Presented below are five essential items:

  1. Commence with a set of Velcro Brand one-wrap thin ties. Round up all the cords that are tangled around and atop your desk, guiding them along the back where they remain unseen. Subsequently, gather these cords into manageable bundles and secure them using cable ties. Alternatively, you can opt for a cable sleeve like the Bluelounge Soba, especially if the cords are rarely disconnected or shifted.

  2. Proceed to categorize the documents strewn across your desk. Place items you frequently require into a desktop organizer. Additionally, identify documents suitable for archiving, such as birth certificates, estate plans, and financial records. Scan these significant papers and store them in their respective Dropbox folders. The portable document scanner Brother ADS-1250W swiftly accomplishes this task while conserving desk space.

  3. Tackle the disorder of loose papers scattered about by arranging them into labeled folders. The Brother P-touch Cube Plus, Wirecutter’s recommended label maker, not only aids in labeling folders but also bins and shelves, facilitating the systematic placement of stray items that inevitably find their way onto your desk.

  4. Enhance the functionality of your desk space using the Quartet Glass Whiteboard Desktop Easel. Employ it to jot down weekly tasks and select two objectives for each day, experiencing the catharsis of erasing them upon completion. Senior staff writer Melanie Pinola also endorses the Wayber Dual-Sided Desk Pad, which shields your desk from spills and provides a smooth surface for your mouse.

  5. With your space decluttered, you might have a collection of electronics to dispose of. Avoid depositing them in landfills, as this could result in the release of harmful substances into the environment. Explore options for repair and reuse, such as iFixit, or consider trading in devices at retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, Apple, and Dell. Additionally, check with your city's sanitation department for recycling possibilities. Before donating technology, ensure that all data has been erased from the devices.


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