5 Home Features That Turn Buyers Away

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For luxury homeowners, certain high-end features make a significant impact, especially if you've personalized your home to reflect your style. However, when selling a luxury home, there are features that may deter potential buyers.

Features Luxury Homebuyers Dislike

  1. Partial Updates

    • Upgrading your luxury home is crucial, but incomplete updates may dissuade buyers seeking a fully updated, thoughtfully designed property.
  2. 'Almost' Ski In/Ski Out

    • In luxury real estate, compromising on the perfect location, like being "almost" ski in/ski out, can lead to potential buyers exploring more affordable alternatives.
  3. Transfer Fees

    • Additional fees associated with buying a home in a community with association dues, such as transfer fees, can impact the sale price and may be viewed negatively by buyers.
  4. A Lot of Stairs

    • Excessive stairs can be a deterrent, especially for luxury homebuyers, many of whom are retirees valuing main-level living for its accessibility.
  5. Road Noise

    • Despite luxurious features, proximity to road noise may detract from the overall appeal, particularly for clients investing in high-end properties.

Features Luxury Homebuyers Appreciate


    • A captivating view, whether of ski slopes or private landscapes, is a compelling factor for luxury homebuyers, often outweighing other considerations.
  2. Amenities

    • Proximity to amenities enhances a luxury home's appeal, as buyers, often purchasing second homes, appreciate the convenience offered by nearby facilities.
  3. Indoor/Outdoor Living

    • Well-designed indoor and outdoor spaces, with features like heated decks, patios, fire pits, and hot-tubs, are highly desirable, providing a year-round enjoyment of the property.

Understanding these preferences can help position your luxury home for a more successful sale, emphasizing sought-after features and minimizing potential drawbacks.


Source: Yahoo! Finance

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