4 Tips for Pricing Furniture When You Sell a House

Living room furniture that you might need to price when selling a house.

4 Tips for Pricing Furniture When You Sell a House

When it comes to pricing and selling furniture with your home sale, top real estate agent Gillian Redman, who has 15 years of industry experience, doesn’t mince words of warning.

“The [real estate] agent needs to be proficient in how to handle this,” she cautions. “It can kill the deal if not handled correctly.”

Redman says that selling a home fully furnished is a common practice in her market in Four Corners, Florida, pointing out that vacation homes and high-end luxury homes are often sold with furniture included. Furnished properties are especially attractive to out-of-area buyers who want to avoid the drama of lugging furniture across state lines.

But how much should you charge for the furniture in your home? We asked Redman for her take on what to consider when pricing home furnishings and negotiating with a buyer. We’ll also detail potential pitfalls to watch out for when structuring the sale of a fully furnished home.



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